Why Kettle Black Films?

As one does, you’re probably wondering about the name – it comes from the idiom – ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. Which in the old days was a bland and very English way of accusing someone of hypocrisy. It’s essentially a cheeky demand for self-examination of one’s own actions, decisions and most importantly judgement of others. This is increasingly relevant in the digital age we live in today.


Okay, but what does any of this have to do with films?
Well, as vague as this may sound. Very little and quite a lot.
We love extremes and we hate compromise, and this began with the name.
It would have been very easy to name ourselves something generic that beautifully fits into the conventions of our industry. But that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

What We Do

Kettle Black Films is a ‘film first’ content generation platform –
focused on telling high quality original stories through the visual medium.
All our content, whether original or contracted, stays true to the medium.


Our presence is ubiquitous. We do not lay our roots down and work from fixed desks. Our workspace is up in the clouds, coursing the interwebs. We predominantly work with creative individuals from across the globe, allowing a wide spectrum of varied talent  to collaborate and create individualistic and original content. In doing this, we create a digital infrastructure based on mutual contribution.


With our content, we like being relevant while staying removed from the bustling bandwagon. We skim the avant-garde, stroll the ‘trending’ trails, all whilst paving our own roads.  Not only do we roll with the new age mechanics of business but also make sure to establish our professionalism. Without exception, we maintain timelines and quality, and are constantly working towards building fixed assets.


We believe and will fight to the bitter end that our stories
are conceptualised, produced and delivered only after we know that they are each uniquely different and are close enough to our impossible standards.

Our Names

Aroonabha Ghose
Having always had the flair for the lens and a love for the natural world, Aroonabha realised that a media degree and a regular production job wasn’t going to cut it. Starting Kettle Black Films is a step towards capturing it all as beautifully possible.

Niren Bhavanani
Armed with a media degree and a writing diploma, Niren spent many years in the advertising film industry telling other people’s stories. With Kettle Black Films he wants to go out into the wild and tame some of his own.